“Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest…it’s about who came and never left your side”

The Custom & On Location Experience

No matter what type of best friend you have, a new environment can be overwhelming, full of new sounds smells and anxieties, not to mention traveling there (some family members get carsick or just stress over the trip). Our fluffy family members can be unpredictable, and may not understand that you want them to pose for the camera. That’s ok, I love every minute of it! It’s not about the perfect setup, but the perfect moment, the one that captures the amazing bond you share.

 It’s hard to think about, but your non-human best friend won’t always be there. That’s why it is so important to immortalize not only them, but their personality and what you mean to each other. Your session can be done in the comfort of your own home, yard, or a location of your choosing. This is a great way for you and your pet to feel comfortable and relaxed, while also capturing a more personal element in your images. Get the images that are real and meaningful to you, snuggling on the couch, playing ball in the yard, all the things your pet does that makes them special to you, and then afterwards, you can continue about your day without the hassle of traveling to a studio. No matter what type of pet you may have we can work together to create completely custom artwork just for you to display in your home. 

Amazing Artwork

Once upon a time royal patrons would hire an artist to paint their portraits, especially their pets. This artwork was proudly displayed in the home for generations. Why not give your self the royal treatment? Let’s create artwork for you, only now we have the power to capture real life & great lighting through photography (which really speeds up the process, can you imagine sitting for hours/days to be painted?).  We are creating something to be displayed on your wall to showcase you and your furry family, just like the days of old. There are so many products available to you in all shapes and sizes to add dimension to your displays and I work with top labs to ensure you have something that will last you generations.

I do not discriminate

I’m willing to take great images for you no matter what type of pet you may have. Horse, dog, cat, lizard, bird, goldfish, pig (Oh I would love a pig!!)! I’m willing to travel up to 30 miles outside of the Batavia, NY area to other surrounding counties to make your photo dreams a reality (oh the possibilities…).

Your Session Includes

  • A pre-session consultation – all the session details planned out before hand so there’s no stress the day of.

  • Travel to/from the session location, to include the pre-session consultation and the ordering session. (within a 30 mile radius)

  • Coverage for the session package of your choice.

  • Professional editing services on your images.

  • Personalized ordering session to review your images and order professional products.

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